Fibroid (FN-14)


This specimen consists of an enucleated fibroid.  The fibroid has a multinodular surface.  The cut surface is slightly calcified with multiple yellow areas and some homogenous white areas.  Microscope sections confirmed the presence of a benign fibroid that is surrounded by a thin portion of normal myometrium.  The fibroid is extensively necrotic and there are large areas of heavy calcification present.

Core Learning Issues

Definition of fibroid (leiomyoma);
Gross and microscopic appearance of fibroids;
Presenting symptoms;
Imaging techniques used to investigate suspected fibroids;
Different treatment options (surgical, drug, embolization and ligation)
Complications of fibroids;

Self Assessment

  1. How are leiomyomas differentiated from leiosarcomas?
  2. What are the three different types of myomectomy?